15 Jul 2020

Sierra Leone starts rebuilding in partnership with private sector

The government of Sierra Leone has embarked on a development plan that includes partnerships with the private sector and foreign investors to stimulate growth in the battered country, amidst the […]
8 Jul 2020

A boost for Kenya’s infrastructure

To upgrade Kenya’s ailing infrastructure network, the government recently released much needed funds for rail and road projects that will be a significant boost for Kenya’s infrastructure        Although the […]
6 Jul 2020

Will Africa’s cement sector regain its appetite?

Before Covid-19, Sub-Saharan Africa was a lucrative market for the cement sector. The question is whether Africa’s cement sector will regain its appetite in the future? More than one billion […]
27 Jun 2020

Why Africa?

Africa, like the rest of the world, will be hard hit by the after- effects of Covid-19. However, in the long-term, many countries in Africa will provide great opportunities for […]
12 Mar 2020

Covid-19 highlights need for community-based student housing in Africa

A South African based company reflects on how Covid-19 will affect the student accommodation in Africa in the future South African university students are returning to campus in a strictly […]