27 Jul 2021

Barrick Gold targets Egypt for exploration

By Leon Louw founder and editor of WhyAfrica 27 July 2021 – Gold mining giant Barrick Gold Corporation has announced that the company will target Egypt in an exploration drive […]
27 Jul 2021

Africa gears up to become a global powerhouse

27 July 2021 – A host of energy development initiatives designed to increase energy access and improve livelihoods are coming online across Africa. Geothermal, hydro and bioenergy projects are being […]
26 Jul 2021

Mining sector steps up to address energy challenges

By John Lewis, Managing Director, Aggreko Africa 26 July 2021 – The mining sector has stepped up to address its energy challenges, despite facing complex economic and environmental challenges. Changing […]
25 Jul 2021

All roads lead to Durban

By Leon Louw founder and editor of WhyAfrica 25 July 2021 – All roads lead to Durban in KwaZulu-Natal. A sobering and perplexing thought, but a fact that will change, […]

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