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Win-win for Cabo Delgado

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Geert Klok, President of the Chamber of Mines of Mozambique (CMM) at the Cabo Delgado Parks round table in Maputo, Mozambique on Friday. Image credit: Chamber of Mines of Mozambique

Win-win for Cabo Delgado

The Cabo Delgado Parks initiative is a win-win for all stakeholders in Mozambique.   

By Staff Writer

Speaking at the Cabo Delgado Parks round table in Maputo on Friday, the President of the Chamber of Mines of Mozambique (CMM) Geert Klok called the Cabo Delgado Parks initiative a win-win for all stakeholders.

Cabo Delgado Parks is a network of industrial parks in the Montepuez, Balama, Ancuabe and Palma districts, and a logistics base in Pemba.

This network, operated by MozParks, is designed to deliver three key objectives: to accelerate economic development, to promote and boost youth employment, and to develop the green economy.

Win-win for Cabo Delgado
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Win-win for Cabo Delgado

At the Cabo Delgado parks round table, Minister of Industry and Commerce Silvino Moreno and Provincial Governor Valige Tauabo were joined by representatives from the extractive industry as well as other stakeholders, to discuss the theme “Development poles and the contribution of the extractive industry to economic stabilisation and recovery in Cabo Delgado”.

Klok illustrated in his speech how local economic development can benefit all stakeholders.

Industrial parks situated near anchor industries such a mining can provide employment for the host communities and opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

The mining companies will benefit from the local availability of products and services, thereby reducing lead times and costs. Mozambique as a country will gain from reduced imports and increased tax revenues.

Klok contrasted this with downstream beneficiation of minerals, which tends to generate relatively few jobs, require large (foreign) investments and have high demands on infrastructure and human resources.

The CMM president voiced the Chamber’s support for the Cabo Delgado Parks initiative, considering it an ideal vehicle for the development of Cabo Delgado and the creation of employment.

The Chamber of Mines of Mozambique was founded in 2012 to promote and grow the Mozambican mining industry. A vast majority of medium and large mining companies in Mozambique are members.

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Win-win for Cabo Delgado

Win-win for Cabo Delgado
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