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Welcome to a new world. Welcome to WhyAfrica

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WhyAfrica has released its new magazine. Image credit: WhyAfrica

Welcome to a new world. Welcome to WhyAfrica

Travel restrictions and Omicron will slow us down, but never stop us. Africa will survive and continue trading and doing business, writes Leon Louw, founder and editor of WhyAfrica.

Africa is a resilient continent. Her people have always bounced back after disastrous calamities in the past. They have overcome inhuman exploitation by other nations and, at times, by their own leaders. Despite the many setbacks, African economies remain vibrant. Its young entrepreneurs will continue pushing the envelope in the wake of one of the worst pandemics to hit the world in the last century.

Covid-19 has disrupted all aspects of the world we once knew. It has expanded chasms between the rich and the poor. It has altered working patterns for good. Moreover, climate change and a sustainable existence have become top priorities for world leaders, who have been in conundrums since the first case of Covid-19 was reported early in 2020.

The world has a new focus, and it has brought about irrevocable change. A change so pronounced that we won’t recognise our old world within the next five years. This change will affect each one of us, and we will not be able to resist it. Better communication and breathtaking new technology have already accelerated the transformation to a greener and significantly more just world.

Africa stands central within this new world and new philosophy. Africa is the new hope. It is the last frontier that will kickstart an ailing world economy. Africa’s many challenges are also its greatest opportunities. There are massive infrastructure backlogs in terms of road, rail, electricity, ports, water, and housing, while the potential to develop the mining, energy, agricultural and tourism sectors are mindboggling. However, development needs to happen in a responsible way – respecting the African people, their history and culture, and the extremely sensitive natural environment, and important ecosystems.

Welcome to the new world. Welcome to WhyAfrica

I am proud to say that WhyAfrica is part of this new world. It was conceived during the transformation and has grown into, and became part of, the greatest reset our world has ever known.

WhyAfrica has shed the old-world skin – a world in which workers were confined to brick and mortar; when Africa was still regarded as a basket-case, and when disruption in the publishing space meant an editor retired after 40 years doing the same beat.

WhyAfrica has made it through the vagaries of its first crucial year and a half. It has gone beyond journalism, and the horizons are expanding. It’s new, it’s exciting, and we will continue to inform our partners, subscribers, and clients about what really matters when you venture into Africa.

Africa is not only our business, but also our passion, and we want it to be yours too. Our first digital magazine has made it into your inbox, and there will be three more on the way during 2022. There are many surprises in store for the new year, so keep on following us on social media and subscribe to our growing number of different products.

Don’t be a reader from the old world, interact with us and become an active member of the WhyAfrica digital community. E-mail me on leon@whyafrica.co.za to have your say, or message me on WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.

Welcome to the new world. Welcome to WhyAfrica.

Leon Louw is the founder and editor of WhyAfrica. He specialises in natural resources and African affairs.        

WhyAfrica provides you with business intelligence that matters. Africa is our business, and we want it to be yours too. To subscribe to WhyAfrica’s free newsletter or digital magazine, and for more news on Africa, visit the website at www.whyafrica.co.za or send a direct message. WhyAfrica will launch its first ever digital magazine in November. If you are interested in contributing or advertising, please contact me at leon@whyafrica.co.za. To coincide with the first launch, we have a range of different packages and combo deals to give your company the greatest exposure to a rapidly growing, African readership.       


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