9 Feb 2022

Gas an enabler in energy transition

Gas an enabler in energy transition According to the US Energy Information Administration, natural gas emits almost half the carbon dioxide of coal, making it a viable way to transition […]
23 Jan 2022

Osinbajo wants gas to be a transitional fuel

Osinbajo wants gas to be a transitional fuel Yemi Osinbajo, Vice-President of Nigeria, has called for natural gas – which Africa, and especially Nigeria, has in abundance – to be […]
10 Nov 2021

Blanket ban of hydrocarbons will be detrimental to Africa says Lima

Blanket ban of hydrocarbons will be detrimental  to Africa says Lima The message on the first day of the Africa Energy Week 2021, held in Cape Town, South Africa, and […]
4 Apr 2021

Did we cry wolf in Mozambique?

By Leon Louw for WhyAfrica  04 April 2021 – How did risk analysts and intelligence agencies get it so wrong in Mozambique? Or did they? They have been warning about […]
17 Jan 2021

Gas and mining to drive Equatorial Guinea’s growth

17 January 2021 – In Equatorial Guinea’s 100-day plan to overcome economic challenges, gas and mining plays a central role to drive Equatorial Guinea’s growth.     Drilling plans, natural gas […]
3 Dec 2020

Gas power to play a role in SA energy scene

03 December 2020 – As South Africa races against the clock to fill an electricity supply gap of some 2000MW between 2019 and 2022, gas-to-power projects will play a significant […]
12 Nov 2020

Anglo invests in low emission shipping fleet

11 November 2020 – Diversified mining giant Anglo American has introduced LNG into its chartered shipping fleet for the first time, thereby adding a low emission fleet to its global […]
12 Nov 2020

African Energy Outlook 2021 now available

12 November 2020 – The African Energy Chamber has released its fantastic African Energy Outlook 2021 report. The full report can be downloaded from the WhyAfrica library at (https://www.whyafrica.co.za/library/) The […]