Political Economy

18 Jul 2020

Does power deals mean progress in Sierra Leone?

Sierra Leone has opened its airport and the government has gathered valuable geological data, but electricity constraints might spoil the party.  The question is whether power deals mean progress in […]
16 Jul 2020

Tanzanian cement plans on track

Tanzania’s cement plans are on track as the government starts compensating the almost 100 Tanzanians that has to relocate to make way for the Chinese company Sinoma’s massive plant. Tanzania […]
15 Jul 2020

Uganda to increase electricity supply

Uganda has shown significant growth over the past five years. However, Covid-19, political risk, and electricity constraints could be its achilles heel. The government plans to boost its electricity supply. […]
15 Jul 2020

Sierra Leone starts rebuilding in partnership with private sector

The government of Sierra Leone has embarked on a development plan that includes partnerships with the private sector and foreign investors to stimulate growth in the battered country, amidst the […]
14 Jul 2020

B2Gold has the best of both worlds

Canadian company B2Gold’s mining operations in Namibia and Mali are examples of how the extractive industries should go about business in Africa.    Mali and Namibia are two of the most […]
14 Jul 2020

Kenya farmers increase crop yields with climate-smart techniques

By: Heidi Boening for the IAEA Despite poor soil fertility and water scarcity, farmers in Kenya have increased their crop yields by 17-20% and saved 20% of their fertiliser costs […]
13 Jul 2020

Angola shapes up as mining hotspot

Angola is shaping up to be one of the hotspots for foreign mining and exploration companies trying their luck in Africa. Regardless of the grim outlook painted by rating agencies […]
5 Jul 2020

Angola needs private sector to invest in energy

With power demand expected to grow significantly over the next few years,  Angola needs to invest in the energy sector. Angola also needs the private sector to invest in energy.  […]
4 Jul 2020

Mineral exploration could revive Nigeria

In their drive to diversify the economy away from oil, the Nigerian government has turned their attention to the mining industry. Before the onset of Covid-19, it was, to the […]
27 Jun 2020

Why Africa?

Africa, like the rest of the world, will be hard hit by the after- effects of Covid-19. However, in the long-term, many countries in Africa will provide great opportunities for […]
23 Jun 2020

Building an investment case for West Africa

The article was first published in African Mining for Interact Media defined The West African region has become a Mecca for mining and exploration companies in Africa, but it is […]
27 Feb 2020

Troubled South African companies should look at African countries for growth.

It’s time South African companies start looking to the rest of Africa for growth, writes Leon Louw Covid-19, a constrained economy and dearth of major infrastructure projects has taken its […]
27 Feb 2020

Despite Magufuli’s purge, Tanzania is a top-notch country

Tanzania offers many opportunities despite negative perceptions, writes Leon Louw, who visited the country late last year. The article was first published in African Mining copyright Interact Media Defined. Bad […]