22 Jul 2020

Cohesion needed to focus on renewable energy

There are still many challenges before South Africa moves to a more renewable energy future, but the country is on the right path. However, cohesion is needed to focus on […]
21 Jul 2020

Corona’s severe impact on supply chains leads to innovation

Corona’s impact on supply chains in Africa was severe. Different regulations at different border posts once again highlights the need for more cohesion between African countries   Albie Visser, general […]
21 Jul 2020

Extractive industry needs a conscience

It is no longer business as usual in Africa. The extractive industry needs a conscience. It will no longer be good enough to tick boxes, but companies need to improve […]
20 Jul 2020

Pensana appoints Chinese contractor at Longonjo

Pensana Rare Earths has appointed a Chinese contractor at its Longonjo NdPr project close to Huambo in Central Angola. Pensana is one of a number of mining projects currently being […]
20 Jul 2020

Fertilizer value chain critical to feed Africa

The use of fertilizer in Africa remains well below the global inputs. Fertilizers are mined in several countries, but the fertilizer value chain is critical in Africa. According to the […]
18 Jul 2020

Does power deals mean progress in Sierra Leone?

Sierra Leone has opened its airport and the government has gathered valuable geological data, but electricity constraints might spoil the party.  The question is whether power deals mean progress in […]
14 Jul 2020

B2Gold has the best of both worlds

Canadian company B2Gold’s mining operations in Namibia and Mali are examples of how the extractive industries should go about business in Africa.    Mali and Namibia are two of the most […]
13 Jul 2020

Angola shapes up as mining hotspot

Angola is shaping up to be one of the hotspots for foreign mining and exploration companies trying their luck in Africa. Regardless of the grim outlook painted by rating agencies […]
12 Jul 2020

Afrimat’s future in Africa looks bright as it diversifies further

South African miner Afrimat will diversify its portfolio further with the proposed acquisition of Nkomati Anthracite mine in Mpumalanga. Afrimat’s future looks bright in Africa as it hunts for more […]
10 Jul 2020

A just transition away from coal

South Africa has been dependent on coal as an energy source for many years. There is a realisation, however, that the country needs to move to alternative forms of electricity. […]
4 Jul 2020

Mineral exploration could revive Nigeria

In their drive to diversify the economy away from oil, the Nigerian government has turned their attention to the mining industry. Before the onset of Covid-19, it was, to the […]
27 Jun 2020

Why Africa?

Africa, like the rest of the world, will be hard hit by the after- effects of Covid-19. However, in the long-term, many countries in Africa will provide great opportunities for […]
27 Jun 2020

Why mines should go batty

This article was published in June 2019 in African Mining published by Interact Media Defined Research work on bats at a mining site in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, […]
25 Jun 2020

Namibia: the lure of pegmatites

Namibia is a top-class mining destination. In this article Leon Louw shares some of his first-hand experiences of this country. Leon undertook an extensive road trip to Namibia last year and […]
27 Apr 2020

Sierra Leone conducts geophysical survey to attract mining investors

A first of its kind geophysical survey conducted in Sierra Leone could change the fortunes in a country first ravaged by civil war and then by the Ebola virus, writes […]
25 Apr 2020

Bisie: A smooth operator in the time of Corona

*This article originally appeared on TSX listed Alphamin Resources has introduced several measures to increase volumes at its Bisie tin mine in the DRC at a time when most tin operations […]