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WhyAfrica’s Member Report May 2024


While the outlook for most of Africa remains robust, political uncertainly and extreme weather events continue to plague the positive spin.
The recent floods and extreme weather in East Africa caused considerable damage to infrastructure, especially bridges and roads, which negatively affects the entire region’s economy and trade.
If you ever wondered how climate change and extreme weather events impact mining and agriculture, I spoke to a few miners and farmers that experienced the recent floods in East Africa and drought in southern Africa. They assured me that it is not a pretty picture, nor a pleasant experience.
Farmers across the region gathered at Grain SA’s annual Nampo Harvest Day from 14 to 17 May, and judging by the number of light aircraft and helicopters landing at the Bothaville airstrip on the first day when WhyAfrica attended the event, the mega-farmers of Southern Africa are in a good space.
Despite the drought and floods, South African farmers especially had a good season. But it’s not all rosy. Infrastructure bottlenecks, safety and security concerns and political and regulatory uncertainly continue to hamper growth in South Africa’s agricultural sector. Ditto for mining.