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Mineral processing solutions in high demand as copper surge

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Mineral processing solutions in high demand as copper surge
An increased demand for copper has resulted in more and more mineral processing solutions on offer. In picture is a THK Plant Aerial shot and high-rate thickener installation. Image credit: PEQON

Mineral processing solutions in high demand as copper surge     

An increase in demand for copper bodes well for the mineral processing industry.

African companies specialising in mineral processing are not only expanding into the rest of the continent at a prolific rate but has also entered the global market as more and more new projects come online.

WhyAfrica has seen a significant increase in the number of international mineral processing companies tracking early-stage exploration projects in Africa in anticipation of those projects developing into operational mines in five to ten years.

WhyAfrica tracks early-stage mineral exploration projects across Africa, updates its members about these projects and provides business intelligence about Africa that will assist its members expanding their footprint into Africa.

As the exploration race for new resources and commodities accelerates, owners and operators of mines and existing tailings facilities are scrambling to take advantage of the increased commodity demand.

The recent surge in copper demand can be attributed to factors such as the transition to electric vehicles, an expansion in renewable energy, modernisation of infrastructure and a global economic recovery.

There has been a substantial increase in demand for copper in transportation, telecommunications and building renovations.

The recent increase in the copper price is most certainly driving investment in additional processing capacity.

These developments bode well for the minerals processing industry, placing new demands on engineering houses to design and supply processing equipment for the growing number of new and projects.

Mineral processing solutions in high demand as copper surge
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Promoting turnkey process engineering capabilities (Mineral processing solutions in high demand as copper surge)     

Over the past eighteen months, Johannesburg based technology company PEQON has been actively engaging with local and international EPC(M) companies to promote its turnkey process engineering capabilities in liquid solid separation for existing facilities and the growing number of new projects.

These engagements have been very productive and the PEQON brand name has been gaining steady traction as a trusted equipment and turnkey solution provider.

Success came in the first Quarter of 2024 when PEQON was awarded the contract for two high-rate thickeners and one horizontal vacuum belt filter for a copper mine that will be restarted after being moth balled for several years.

The drive to restart the mine and processing facility can be linked directly to the market drivers mentioned earlier.

The project will be fully engineered in South Africa and delivered to the North American client and PEQON will work with a few select vendors and partners to ensure that the design, delivery and execution is seamless.

For PEQON, the success of securing this project can be found in understanding the client’s needs, developing a robust proposal, building a strong relationship with the EPCM company and being client centric in our approach.

Moreover, PEQON was able to successfully demonstrate its extensive experience and expertise in liquid solid separation technologies which gave the company the position of a competent and reliable partner for the client.

PEQON is a technology company providing process plants, systems, equipment and services for the mining and mineral processing sector.

Mineral processing solutions in high demand as copper surge

Mineral processing solutions in high demand as copper surge
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