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Let ChatGPT be and follow WhyAfrica through Africa to get the human side of the story

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WhyAfrica on the road through Botswana on the 2022 Road Trip. Image credit: Leon Louw for WhyAfrica

Let ChatGPT be and follow WhyAfrica through Africa to get the human side of the story

As WhyAfrica prepares for its Road Trip through the Limpopo Province of South Africa, Zimbabwe/Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, and Kenya later this year, it is important for our readers and followers to take note of the benefits of becoming a WhyAfrica member, partner or sponsor.

By Leon Louw founder of WhyAfrica

During the 2022 WhyAfrica Road Trip we traversed five countries and visited 33 project sites. Remember that more than 80% of what happens on the WhyAfrica Road Trip, stays on the WhyAfrica Road Trip, unless you are a WhyAfrica member, partner, or sponsor.

Only our one media partner (to be announced later this year), members, partners, and sponsors have full access to what happens during those eventful 45 days on the road. About 20% of what we see and hear is available for free on our online platform, social media pages, newsletters and Road Trip magazines, but to access the real business intelligence and insight, you must be a WhyAfrica member.

Not only are WhyAfrica members, partners, and sponsors privy to what we see, hear, feel, smell, and discover during our trips, but they can suggest preferred sites they would like the WhyAfrica team to visit ahead of the journey. Members, partners, and sponsors are given a list of our proposed itinerary a few months before departure and their opinions and suggestions are considered and often implemented during the planning process.

Let ChatGPT be and follow WhyAfrica through Africa to get the human side of the story

WhyAfrica members, partners and sponsors receive updates and reports about what happens on the ground in Africa. We don’t do desk-top, we don’t copy and paste, and we certainly don’t do ChatGPT4. Not only do we do the marketing for our members while on the road, but as a WhyAfrica member you get a range of additional benefits and tools that will assist you in doing business across Africa or if you are planning to invest in Africa. As a member, you will also get a special invite to join our sponsors and partners for the pre-trip and mid-trip informal networking event in Johannesburg, South Africa and Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania at a reduced rate.

Follow WhyAfrica through Africa, we take our members, partners and sponsors places they have never been.  The main aim of the WhyAfrica Road trip is to promote Africa as an investment destination and to showcase Africa’s greatest companies and projects to our large global audience, which includes potential investors, venture capitalists and serial entrepreneurs. To become part of the growing WhyAfrica community, click on the link and pay online for a full year’s membership  https://www.whyafrica.co.za/product/membership/

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