Groundwater management is essential for a sustainable future

03 September 2021- Water security in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region has been subjected to the impacts of climate change and severe weather events. Water management, and especially groundwater management, is essential for a sustainable future.

The impacts of climate change and severe weather events have negatively impacted on the livelihoods of a significant proportion of the region’s population. The need to strengthen groundwater management and development to promote sustainable social and economic development within the region led to the establishment of the SADC Groundwater Institute (SADC-GMI) in 2011.

The SADC-GMI and SRK Consulting recently collaborated on a project aimed at the sustainable management of groundwater in the region. Watch this video to find out more.


The SADC-GMI has done sterling work in Africa. An estimated 85 000 people have benefitted from their project, 53% of them women. Some of the SADC-GMI and SRK Consulting’s documents are hosted and displayed in the WhyAfrica library.

Read the full reports:

SADC-GMI Final Lessons learned and Emerging Issue Report

Developing a new SADC Groundwater Management Programme 2021-2031

Groundwater management is essential for a sustainable future.

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