27 Oct 2020

Ethiopia a prime spot for geologists

27 October 2020 – Ethiopia has become a prime spot for geologists and junior exploration companies as the country’s government ease up on regulations and prime minister Abiy Ahmed Ali’s […]
26 Oct 2020

Mining industry adopts sustainable approaches

By Simon Norton, International Zinc Association- Africa desk 26 October 2020 – The mining industry is adopting sustainable approaches as it comes to terms with mining’s impact on people and […]
24 Oct 2020
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Twiga’s gold mines in Tanzania is pick of the week

By LM Louw  24 October 2020 – As Tanzania enters the final straight before general elections, my pick of the week is Twiga Minerals, a joint venture between Barrick Gold […]
23 Oct 2020

Africa’s Covid-19 response

23 October 2020 – The African Development Bank (AfDB) recently discussed Africa’s Covid-19 response. Several African economies are sustained by the extractive industry, with most national budgets dependent on mining […]
21 Oct 2020

Drill rigs unleashed in Orion’s Prieska hunt

By LM Louw for WhyAfrica  21 October 2020 – The exploration drilling rigs are lining up at ASX listed Orion Minerals’ Prieska operation in South Africa’s Northern Cape Province as […]
18 Oct 2020

Mining waste to fight climate change

18 October 2020 – Dealing with the residual waste after companies have abandoned mining sites is a major challenge. It is an extremely costly exercise. Despite the potential to create […]
11 Oct 2020

Filling a copper void

11 October 2020 – With a copper deficit looming, my pick of the week is Canadian giant Ivanhoe Mines’ Kamoa-Kakula copper project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). […]
10 Oct 2020

Synergies in Côte d’Ivoire

10 October 2020 – Perseus Mining’s acquisition of Exore Resources’ Bagoé gold project in Côte d’Ivoire is an interesting development in the West African mining space. Bagoé is made up […]
5 Oct 2020

Ethiopia ready for a gold rush

05 October 2020 – According to an article first published by Bloomberg, Ethiopian gold exports surged after the central bank offered higher prices for the metal in a bid to […]
30 Sep 2020

Magufuli dances macabre with mining

By LM Louw 30 September 2020 – As Tanzania heads into its next general election president John Magufuli seems to have the edge on his long list of competitors. However, […]
28 Sep 2020

Borrowing from the ocean

28 September 2020 – Oranjemund in Namibia is an important site for the extraction of precious stones. Mining companies in this region have been borrowing from the ocean for a […]
27 Sep 2020

The business of SDGs

Nyon, Switzerland, Sept. 23, 2020 – Just 10 years are left to achieve the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and as one of the few sectors with links […]
26 Sep 2020

Mkango’s Malawi moves

By L.M. Louw 26 September 2020 – My pick of the week is Canadian company Mkango Resources’ projects in the small country of Malawi, also known as the warm heart […]
23 Sep 2020

Is the DRC really a problem child?

By Jessica Stang, community manager of the Germany Africa Business Forum. Berlin, Germany, 22 September 2020 – Is the DRC really a problem child? According to the World Bank, just […]
22 Sep 2020

Gold contributes to SDGs

22 September 2020 – Gold contributes to SDG’s. This is the message from the World Gold Council (WGC). To coincide with the 75th session of the United Nations (UN) General […]
21 Sep 2020

When in Nigeria, ask for the South African in Abuja

21 September 2020 – When in Nigeria, ask for the South African in Abuja. Not many South Africans have travelled to Nigeria. Less than a handful have  started up their […]
16 Sep 2020

Côte d’Ivoire gold can now be traced from pit to market

16 September 2020 – Côte d’Ivoire gold can now be traced from pit to market. After first export of gold, IMPACT and the European Union announced that a traceability and […]
16 Sep 2020

Investors should beware of PEAs

16 September 2020 – Preliminary economic assessments (PEAs) are no foundation for production decisions in mining projects and serve little basis for detailed value-creation forecasts. “The dire state of the […]
13 Sep 2020

Angola’s fertile opportunities

13 September 2020 – I have been following developments in Angola closely for a while, and the more I look at Australian company Minbos Resources’ Cabinda phosphate project in Angola, […]
13 Sep 2020

Tongo is a gem

My pick of the week is ASX listed Newfield Resources’ Tongo diamond mine in Sierra Leone. Although the diamond market is currently in the doldrums, it is bound to recover […]
12 Sep 2020

SA coal company resettles community

12 September 2020 – The biggest South African coal mining company has successfully resettled a local community at one of its mines in Mpumalanga. Local community members are preparing to […]
9 Sep 2020

Alphamin hits the tin jackpot

By L M Louw The article was first published by Core Consultants on www.coreconsultants.org Alphamin Resources 09 September 2020 – Alphamin Resources’ is the only company that has delivered on […]
5 Sep 2020

When operating in Africa, do what Bristow does

Develop local skills and empower African communities By LM Louw 05 September 2020 – Developing local skills and empowering host communities is a non-negotiable for companies operating in Africa. Mark […]
4 Sep 2020

Health workers tackle SA mining’s social issues

04 September 2020 – A new initiative called the Impact Catalyst is making a difference in the mining communities of South Africa. The initiative is a partnership between Anglo American, […]
3 Sep 2020

SA’s junior diamond miners need support

03 September 2020 – South Africa’s junior and small-scale diamond mining sector, once a thriving contributor to the economy, is on its knees, mostly because of regulatory uncertainty and government […]
31 Aug 2020

Gas in SA’s pipeline

In one of the most exciting projects in South Africa at the moment, ASX and JSE listed Renergen has invited bidders to apply for the allocation of gas in South […]
31 Aug 2020

CBM in Botswana is the pick of the week

31 August 2020 – My pick of the week is Kalahari Energy Botswana (KEB) and Tlou Energy’s Coal Bed Methane (CBM) projects close to the village of Mmashoro in the […]
30 Aug 2020

Exxaro empowers through agriculture

Exxaro Resources, one of the biggest resource companies in South Africa, has set the tone for mining companies to empower their host communities through agriculture and access to land and […]
26 Aug 2020

Mining companies collaborate in search of African riches

By LM Louw 26 August 2020 – In a bid to find new deposits in Africa, and to mitigate any adverse impacts, multinational mining companies and other stakeholders have decided […]
24 Aug 2020

Tunisian quarry targets European glass market

24 August 2020 – A Tunisian sand quarry has partnered up with a Northern Ireland engineering company to turn a sand quarry that once focused on building materials into a […]