12 Oct 2021

AfDB to co-finance second phase of Lesotho Highlands Water Project

AfDB to co-finance second phase of Lesotho Highlands Water Project The African Development Bank Group’s (AfDB) Board of Directors has approved a loan of USD86.72-million to co-finance the second phase […]
11 Oct 2021

OPBRC improves road management in Africa

OPBRC improves road management in Africa The contracting model Output and Performance-based Road Contracting (OPBRC), has improved the efficiency and effectiveness of road asset management and maintenance in various African […]
23 Sep 2021

Great surveyors are the key to success

Great surveyors are the key to success Mine surveying is one of the key functions in mining, and the mine surveyor is essential to the welfare of the mining industry, […]
14 Sep 2021

How does lightning affect solar panels and wind turbines?

How does lightning affect  solar panels and wind turbines? As the world moves towards renewable energy systems such as solar panels and wind turbines, we have to learn how these […]
9 Sep 2021

AWISCA celebrates top 100 women in African supply chains

AWISCA celebrates top 100 women in African supply chains  09 September 2021 – The African Women in Supply Chain Association (AWISCA) recognises, and celebrates, the top 100 women in African […]
5 Sep 2021

Is South Africa doing enough to avert a water crisis?

05 September 2021 – Is South Africa doing enough to avert a water crisis? As the Eastern Cape faces the prospect of taps running dry, South Africa needs to urgently […]
27 Aug 2021

Sustainable urban expansion is key to Africa’s growth

27 August 2021 – Technology used to map Lusaka, Zambia is replicable in other African cities to upgrade informal settlements and achieve sustainable urban expansion. Sustainable urban expansion is key […]
25 Aug 2021

Integration, security now key to Africa’s infrastructure

25 August 2021 – Continental integration has long been a dream for Africa but progress has been slow. Integration and security are now key to Africa’s further infrastructure development. Continental […]
16 Aug 2021

Roads play a crucial role in the transportation of goods across southern Africa

16 August 2021 – The recent unrest in South Africa destabilised supply chains in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng. This event is a stark reminder of the crucial role of road networks […]
14 Aug 2021

Smart pumping – a new era in water management and supply

By Jaque Mare, product manager at Schneider Electric South Africa  14 August 2021 – The world is currently faced with outdated water management infrastructure that threatens to spiral out of […]
30 Jul 2021

South Africa needs a zinc refinery says IZA

30 July 2021 – South Africa needs a new zinc refinery to supply enough galvanised steel when the government’s ambitious infrastructure development plans are implemented. According to Simon Norton from […]
25 Jul 2021

All roads lead to Durban

By Leon Louw founder and editor of WhyAfrica 25 July 2021 – All roads lead to Durban in KwaZulu-Natal. A sobering and perplexing thought, but a fact that will change, […]
24 Jul 2021

Sudan could be a breadbasket but security remains a concern

By Leon Louw, founder and editor of WhyAfrica  24 July 2021 – Sudan could be the breadbasket of North and East Africa, but safety and security remains a concern that […]
16 Jul 2021

Law has to prevail in South Africa and key corridors must be protected

By: Dr Juanita Maree – Chairperson: The South African Association of Freight Forwarders (SAAFF) 16 July 2021 – The South African Association of Freight Forwarders (SAAFF) strongly condemns the wanton […]
3 Jul 2021

Rural sanitation and wastewater management vital for South Africa

By Chetan Mistry 03 July 2021 – Many people in rural South Africa still lack access to basic sanitation and wastewater management is a challenge in these areas. Rural sanitation […]
30 Jun 2021

Water is the foundation of Kenya’s Big Four Agenda

By Simon Thomas 30 June 2021 – The Big Four Agenda, announced by President Uhuru Kenyatta in late 2017, has four main pillars namely manufacturing, food security, health, and housing. […]
27 Jun 2021

Renewable energy an enabler for remote mines

By Leon Louw, founder and editor of WhyAfrica 20 June 2021 – Renewable energy has become a key enabler of change as the movement towards a greener future gathers momentum. […]
27 Jun 2021

Expanded port will transform Berbera into a logistics hub

27 June 2021 – The expanded port and economic zone of the Berbera corridor in Somaliland will transform Berbera into an integrated maritime, industrial and logistics hub in the horn […]
17 Jun 2021

Kenya needs more technicians in water and wastewater management

By Simon Thomas 17 June 2021 – According to UNESCO, the demand for water will increase by more than 55% until the year 2050, due to the exponential growth of […]
15 Jun 2021

Nigeria’s latest gas-related power shortages could have been avoided.

Opinion Piece by Yusuff Wale, Managing Director, Wärtsilä Marine & Power Services Nigeria Ltd 15 June 2021 – At the end of May 2021, Nigeria’s national power generation dropped to […]
31 May 2021

Time for sustainable solutions to flooding in Nairobi.

By Simon Thomas, international consultant, and board member at Megapipes Solutions Limited 31 May 2021 – Heavy rains in Kenya has caused damage and devastation in the capital Nairobi. The destruction […]
27 May 2021

Lusaka’s water point ambassadors turn the tap to protect residents from Covid-19

27 May 2021 – A water point attendant in Zambia’s capital Lusaka has a new role beyond filling up containers for residents at the community tap. John Nyambe spreads the […]
21 May 2021

South African construction company uplifts local communities.

21 May 2021 – While South African based M&D Construction Group delivers critical infrastructure projects, it ensures that local communities are empowered and uplifted throughout the construction phases.   Many small, […]
6 May 2021

The magic of mushrooms

06 May 2021 – An upliftment project in Namibia uses mushrooms to develop housing and food projects. If you are a plant biologist, mushrooms are surely one of the most […]
28 Apr 2021

Africa’s recovery depends on green investments.

23 April 2021 – Africa’s huge market offers immense opportunities for investors. However, it is imperative that development and investments ensure sustainability, improve the plight of Africa’s people, and address […]
13 Apr 2021

African Union launches blue economy strategy.

By Mr Mokrane Sabri 13 April 2021 – The African Union has designated the years 2015-2025 as ‘The Decade of African Seas and Oceans’, and in February 2020, it launched […]
6 Apr 2021

South African government looks to the rail sector to grow the economy.

06 April 2021 – The rail infrastructure in many African countries have been neglected over the las 20 to 30 years. The importance of a good rail infrastructure should not […]
15 Mar 2021

Modular bridges to restore transport connections in Mozambique

15 March 2021 – Several modular bridges will restore transport connections in Mozambique. The African Development Bank ( has finalised the purchase of 26 modular steel bridges to replace infrastructure […]
28 Feb 2021

Private rail operators will boost the South African economy

28 February 2021 – Opening up third-party access to South Africa’s rail infrastructure will fundamentally change the way freight moves in the country. Private rail operators will boost the South […]
26 Feb 2021

Engineers secure water supply in parched areas of SA.

26 February 2021 – Engineering Consultancy Ceenex has been appointed as the specialist sub-consultant on a project to help the Thembisile Hani Local Municipality deliver water to parched areas of […]