Civil Engineering

28 Jul 2020

There is still some kick in Zimbabwe

Beta Holdings, a brick and concrete supplier in Zimbabwe, has shown that it is possible not only to survive, but to thrive as a business in any fragile economy. As […]
25 Jul 2020

Africa needs smart transport and smart cities

To grow and develop African economies, the continent needs better infrastructure. To address this issue, the University of Pretoria (UP), in South Africa, and the Council for Scientific and Industrial […]
23 Jul 2020

Will Egypt become Africa’s powerhouse?

With the two biggest economies on the African continent, South Africa, and Nigeria, in sixes and sevens as the Coronavirus takes it toll, Egypt might become Africa’s new powerhouse       Although […]
23 Jul 2020

Pivotal investments for African recovery

Investments will be pivotal for an African recovery after Covid-19. Last week the Africa Investment Forum’s founding partners unveiled a unified COVID-19 response to support Africa’s private sector, which includes […]
22 Jul 2020
Bypass in Kampala

Work on Kampala’s Bypass on track

Although the impact of Covid-19 has been felt across African countries, civil works are starting to gain traction. In Uganda, work on the Kampala Northern Bypass is on track again. […]
19 Jul 2020

Rwandan cement prices to drop

A new cement plant in Rwanda is expected to come online next month. Rwandan company Prime Cement expects prices to drop as production ramps up.                The cement sector in […]
17 Jul 2020

Mozambique LNG project an opportunity for SA companies

Loans for Area 1 of the LNG development in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique, have been signed and development of the largest project on African soil is underway. Despite concerns about security […]
15 Jul 2020

Sierra Leone starts rebuilding in partnership with private sector

The government of Sierra Leone has embarked on a development plan that includes partnerships with the private sector and foreign investors to stimulate growth in the battered country, amidst the […]
8 Jul 2020

A boost for Kenya’s infrastructure

To upgrade Kenya’s ailing infrastructure network, the government recently released much needed funds for rail and road projects that will be a significant boost for Kenya’s infrastructure        Although the […]
27 Jun 2020

Why Africa?

Africa, like the rest of the world, will be hard hit by the after- effects of Covid-19. However, in the long-term, many countries in Africa will provide great opportunities for […]