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Become a member and tell your story the WhyAfrica way

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When it comes to the sustainable utilisation of natural resources in Africa, WhyAfrica covers all angles. Image credit: Leon Louw for WhyAfrica

Become a member and tell your story the WhyAfrica way 

Readers and followers can now become fully fledged members of WhyAfrica. Having membership for one year allows you access to valuable business intelligence and insight about projects, investments, the sustainable utilisation of natural resources and the political economy of Africa. 

By Leon Louw owner and editor of WhyAfrica

WhyAfrica members will be able to publish their story on the WhyAfrica website and on all its social media platforms (corporate members pay more but can publish four articles per year).

WhyAfrica members will also receive four updated reports per year about developments across Africa in the mining, agriculture, energy, infrastructure, water management, ESG, environmental management and tourism sectors, as well as the “WhyAfrica Hawks Eye” Africa outlook report for 2023.

In addition, WhyAfrica members will receive an exclusive report with video clips and images about the projects and countries we visit during our annual WhyAfrica Road Trip (this year we will travel to the Limpopo Province of South Africa, Botswana or Zimbabwe [depending on the political situation in Zimbabwe, where general elections are scheduled for July or August], Zambia [including the Copperbelt], DRC, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya).

Members will also have an opportunity to join us on certain parts of the road trip and will be eligible for a huge discount to attend the WhyAfrica networking events before the road trip departs in Johannesburg, South Africa in July, and about halfway through the trip in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania in August.

Membership does not mean paid subscriptions (Become a member and tell your story the WhyAfrica way )

Keep in mind that membership does not mean paid subscriptions. WhyAfrica’s bi-weekly newsletters, quarterly magazines, online articles, and road trip posts and articles are still free, and you can still access all our articles and information on the website without registering.

However, by being a paid-up member of WhyAfrica you’ll get even more on the ground, updated information about natural resources, the sustainable utilisation and management of natural resources, how companies do business in Africa, ESG news, managing biodiversity risks and offsets, how conservation will boost your business, updated information about the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) and insight about the most important decisions made at Pan African institutions like the African Union (AU) and its legislative organ the Pan African Parliament (PAP).

One of WhyAfrica’s goals is to identify opportunities and challenges companies will face when doing business in Africa, and at the same time, we stay up to date with how geopolitics and the changing political economies in Africa affect your business. As a member you will have access to all this business intelligence. Even better, you can now register and pay to become a member by simply clicking on the following link: https://www.whyafrica.co.za/product/membership/


What you get as a WhyAfrica member 

  • Free space to publish an article about your company on WhyAfrica’s website and social media platforms (corporate members can publish 4 articles).
  • A free copy of WhyAfrica’s Hawks Eye special report and summary of the top opportunities and projects in Africa to keep an eye on in 2023
  • A free copy of our e-book “13 years writing about African mining”
  • Quarterly updates with opinions about political trends and projects in Africa
  • A digital copy of our 2022/2023 sustainability and ESG publication
  • A digital copy of our 2022 Southern Africa Road Trip publication
  • An opportunity to attend WhyAfrica’s pre and mid road trip networking days towards the end of 2023
  • Upon request we’ll connect you with the right people in our network
  • You have an opportunity to join WhyAfrica during certain legs of the annual Africa road trips

We have a number of surprises in store for 2023, so continue following us, continue interacting, tell us about your journey in Africa, and become part of the WhyAfrica story.

Become a member and tell your story the WhyAfrica way


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