WhyAfrica informs and advises global companies, investors, and entrepreneurs about doing business in Africa through sharing our knowledge and expertise, and through consulting with our extensive, worldwide business network.

WhyAfrica has two branches: a content generation department and a consultancy and research arm.

Content generation

The content generation department shares business intelligence with subscribers about operating in Africa and provides great advertising and sponsorship opportunities for companies in the relevant sectors.


The consultancy division undertakes commissioned research and produces reports about the business environment in specific African countries and regions. The final product is presented in the form of a multimedia, interactive report which includes in-depth written feature articles, infographics, videos, and podcasts. The primary focus is on operational challenges, opportunities, and potential risks in the local area of operation.

Clients are regularly updated about developments in specific regions and countries that might influence their strategy and business decisions. 

Our researchers and writers use a unique approach based on traditional journalism, intelligence gathering and ethnography. WhyAfrica’s reports are written in a creative, yet clear, informative, and business-like style.

Through our information, business intel and research, WhyAfrica empowers and assist our clients and partners in navigating the complex operating environments of Africa, while mitigating the potential risks. 

WhyAfrica is built on four pillars:

Lasting relationships

We are trusted partners and build long-term relationships with all our clients, suppliers, and business networks.

Accurate intel

We gather and produce relevant business intelligence about African countries and communicate and distribute this information to the global business world. WhyAfrica believes in trustworthy journalism and ethical business practices.

Credible info

We are experts in doing business in African countries and current African affairs.

Ethical research

We conduct thorough, ethical, and in-depth research based on our own unique research methods.