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A smart solution for transportation in the supply chain.

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Image: The LIVE FR8 app is a smart solution for transportation in the supply chain.

This article is sponsored by LIVE FR8.

 05 April 2021 – With an increase in demand in the supply chain, the most efficient, affordable, smart transportation system for movement of bulk freight is essential. The LIVE FR8 app automates a lot of time-consuming processes. 

The app uses little data, it replaces phone calls, emails, it saves time and keeps a lot of valuable data for the users. Increased exposure improves guarantee that raw materials are delivered timeously and efficiently. Efficient and improved movement and management of bulk freight enables projects running smoothly and supply demands being met, and consequently, satisfied customers. LIVE FR8 is a single platform, where all types of vehicles with cargo and cargo in transit, staff, and transportation schedules can be tracked and managed efficiently. Overhead costs are drastically reduced due to the technology the app utilizes, with no offices or expensive servers required.

In the cloud

LIVE FR8 offers cargo suppliers and transporters improved low-cost logistics services using cloud technology. The app can be used on any smart device. Cargo suppliers add loads and transporters find loads on the app. Cargo suppliers and transporters connect using the cloud. Cargo supplier lists the loads by weight, category, source address and destination, on the database. The algorithm helps transporters to geographically search for specific loads in the specified area thereby turning empty loads into full loads.

Increased vehicle utilisation equals less “tyres on tar”” and thereby the app has the potential to reduce carbon emissions by up to 30%. The transporter nominates the price to move the cargo to the destination. The transporter only pays a small fee to LIVE FR8 once a load has been obtained successfully. The supplier and the transporter transact directly with one another and rate each other. The continuous rating system will remove dishonest, corrupt, non-performing and non-competitive role players. Transparency will drive improved performance and cost-effective logistics operations.

LIVE FR8 empowers any individual with access to a smart device to become an entrepreneur, giving everyone an equal opportunity in the transport industry. LIVE FR8 is a catalyst to achieve this with ordinary people. The app is positioned to gain great favour within all social development circles, enabling entrepreneurship and NPO enhancement due to the accessibility of resources including low-cost communication. The inclusive, easily accessible app is an enabler that levels the field of competition and eliminates barriers to entry.

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